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EF Johnson Portable Radio Cases

Find a case for your product model number:
Item Description Model Material
8011 JOHNSON 5861,5863 w/ Light. Batt. 5861,5863 Leather
8012 JOHNSON 5861,5863 w/ Med. Batt. 5861,5863 Leather
8115 JOHNSON 5861,5863 w/ Hvy. Duty. Batt. 5861,5863 Leather
8010 JOHNSON AVENGER SI-HL83, 7780 AVENGER, 7700 Series Leather
D8010 JOHNSON AVENGER SI-HL83, 7780 AVENGER, 7700 Series Durahide
N8010 JOHNSON AVENGER (NYLON), 7780 AVENGER, 7700 Series Nylon
8013 JOHNSON FM 464 w/Standard Batt. FM Leather
8014 JOHNSON FM 464 w/Hvy. Duty  Batt. FM Leather
8032 JOHNSON FM577/588, w/ 500mAh FM Leather
8033 JOHNSON FM 577,588  w/ 750 mAh FM Leather
8001 JOHNSON LTR 8790 w/Standard Batt. LTR Leather
8002 JOHNSON LTR 8790 w/Hvy. Duty Batt. LTR Leather
8003 JOHNSON LTR 8790 w/Standard Batt., w/Keypad LTR Leather
8004 JOHNSON LTR 8790 w/Hvy. Duty Batt., w/Keypad LTR Leather
8112 JOHNSON 8560, 8565, w/ Lg. Batt. LTR Leather
8113 JOHNSON  LTR 8560, 8565,w/  Lg. Batt. LTR Leather
8000 JOHNSON  LX 2442 LX, FALCON Leather
8118 JOHNSON Scorpion 5950, 5960, w/ Sm.Batt  DTMF SCORPION Leather
8119 JOHNSON Scorpion 5950, 5960, w/ Lg.Batt  DTMF SCORPION Leather
8568 JOHNSON VIKING CX w/Sm. Batt. VIKING Leather
8569 JOHNSON VIKING CX w/Lg. Batt. VIKING Leather
8123 JOHNSON XR- HA 83, HL 83 XR Leather

Leathersmith Case Orders Here

Durahide Cases (add -NC345) $44.00 / Leather Cases (add -NC350) $53.00

Part No:

Radio Model:Qty:

Price each:


NC345 Nylon/Nylon


NC350 Leather/Steel




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