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Jobcom Radio Accessories

We offer a complete line of Jobcom radio accessories to customize your Jobcom radios. From single and dual ear headsets, remote speaker microphones, and earphones to a variety of carrying holsters and drop-in chargers.

Carrying Holster

 jobcomholster.gif (5897 bytes)

Durable holster with belt loops protects the portable radio and provides carrying convenience

Nylon Carrying case with Belt Swivel
Please specify which radio this is for in the comment field.

Qty: Price: $28.00

Fits JMX series radios only.

Qty: Price: $32.00

Belt Clip

 jobcombelt.gif (4819 bytes)

A belt clip keeps your portable radio close at hand for easy access. Rugged belt clips are available for each radio model.

Qty: Price: $12.00

Single Unit Drop-in Charger bcjs-ad.gif (6824 bytes)

Standard rate overnight charger* (adapter) or dual rate fast charger permits convenient drop-in charging. For JMX radios only.

*Requires BC-A cube charger for operation.

Qty: Price: $44.00

Two Unit Desktop Charger bcj-fd.gif (9039 bytes)
Dual rate fast charger. Permits charging two batteries, with or without portable radio, at the same time. For JBX series.

Qty: Price: $129.00


Battery Charger

 bc-a.gif (4367 bytes)
The BC-A is a 110 VAC wall charger and may be used with any Jobcom portable radio.

Qty: Price: $12.00


Replacement Batteries jobcombattery.gif (3846 bytes)
Rechargeable batteries should be replaced every year when used on a regular basis. Replacement battery packs are available for every Jobcom portable radio.

BPX-8N BATTERY Fits JBX,RTX series radios
Qty: Price: $58.00

BPJS-6N Fits new style JMX radios with 2 piece bottom
Qty: Price: $56.00

Fits JBC100 series radio.

Qty: Price: $34.00

Fits JBC45A/JBC400 Series Radio

Qty: Price: $44.00

Remote Speaker/Microphone

 rsm-3x.gif (5161 bytes)

Remote push-to-talk speaker/microphone with lapel clip and high/low volume control. Allows talking and listening without removing your portable radio from the holster.

Fits JMX/RTX/SST series radios

Qty: Price: $58.00


 jobcomheadsets.gif (5710 bytes)

Headsets offer private reception, improved hearing in high noise areas, and eliminate the need to remove the portable radio from your belt. Single and dual ear headsets feature a boom microphone and are available for most Jobcom portable radios.

Qty: Price: $33.00

Qty: Price: $95.00

RHD-8X Surveillance kit (not shown)
Qty: Price: $57.00


 rep-2.gif (3916 bytes)

REP-2 $12.00 each
Qty: Price: $12.00

Earphones offer private reception in high or low noise environments. These earphones feature a 6-foot cord and a right angle plug to reduce accidental pull-out.

Quiet Call Boards
(Interference Eliminators)

 rtsboard.gif (5440 bytes)

The Quiet Call feature eliminates interference from other users that are not part of your work group.

Qty: Price: $55.00

Qty: Price: $55.00

Rain Shield

 jobrainshield.gif (3711 bytes)

Developed for the JBX Series, the JBX Rain Shield protects your portable radio. Exposed Volume and Channel controls can be damaged from environmental materials and cause your radio to malfunction.

Qty: Price: $6.00


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