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6 Series Wireless Two-way Callbox

Finally there is a low-cost wireless communication solution for fixed locations. Introducing the self-contained wireless callbox, the OutPost. The OutPost callbox provides two-way communications over existing two-way radio systems without costly upgrades or capital expenditures.

Simply deploy the OutPost radios in areas where you need them most; such as, buildings or facilities, schools, hospitals, hotels/motels, agribusiness, delivery or receiving docks, amusement parks, golf courses, parking structures/lots, gates, or helpbox for any area where wireless communications is needed. Plus, there is no need for extensive wiring, remodeling, or dedicated phone lines since the OutPost radio is completely wireless. In addition, the operating features of the OutPost are user PC programmable.

High standards of engineering and innovation are the reasons why Ritron has been the leader in wireless radio products, and now providing you with more solutions for all your communication needs.


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The VHF/UHF Conventional OutPost versions features:

  • Affordable add-on to any radio system
  • Reliable, Robust, RF Design
  • 1 channel
  • 1 Watt transmitter
  • Frequency Range: VHF 150-165 MHz, UHF 450-470 MHz
  • 1/2 mile range with included antenna
    -greater range with optional antenna
    or when used with a repeater system
  • Simple push-to-talk operation
  • Battery powered, Alkaline or Ni-Cd
  • 500 transmissions on a set of 6 D batteries
  • CTCSS and/or Digital Coded Squelch
  • Low battery alert (TX only)
  • Built-in External Power/Battery Back-up Kit
  • Built-in DTMF Transmit AN I
  • Built-in Relay Control (GateGuard)
  • Built-in 2-Tone Decoder (GateGuard)
  • Built-in External Switch Inputs Tone Alert Feature
  • Always-on Standby Feature
  • Optional Solar Power Package
  • Optional MDC-1200 or G-Star ANI Boards
  • Requires RPT-PCPK-10 PC Programming Software and Cables
  • 1 year warranty
  • Designed, manufactured, and serviced in the USA

Includes: Synthesized programmable transceiver, weather-resistant housing, pivoting flexible antenna, and basic owners manual

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RQX-454 UHF Trunking

LTR/PassPort Capable Model

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The UHF Trunking OutPost version includes the same features as the conventional model plus:

  • Optional External Power/Battery Back-up Kit
  • Compatible with LTR and PassPort UHF Trunking protocols
  • Capable of transmitting unique ID code - audible DTMF ANI or subaudible unique digital ID code

Includes: Synthesized programmable transceiver, weather-resistant housing, pivoting flexible antenna, and basic owners manual

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