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Two Way Radio Installation Parts, Speakers, Installation accessories.

Accessory Speaker

Microphone Hanger Pre-Engineered Mounting Solutions Custom Mounting Solutions

Professional communications 4" extension speaker, 5 watts, 8 ohms, 1/8" mini plug. These are an in-expensive speaker with half decent audio, they last forever even at high volumes and they have a strong steel bracket that won't break.
Qty: Price: $26.00

High Quality Stainless Steel Mike Hanger, these are the good ones that grip very well. Mount these so they are convenient and pointed directly towards you. Beware cheap imports they don't last.
Qty: Price: $7.99

Checkout this page for pedestal brackets, stacking radio brackets, tilt mounts, custom vehicle mounting brackets etc!

We can design and engineer custom radio installations from simple built ins to mounting solutions that account for such things as airbag deployment zones, operator safety etc.
  Fuse holders



ATC Waterproof Fuse Holder

ATC Maxi Waterproof Fuse Holder

ATC Waterproof fuseholder, 12 Gauge wire, Cap covers the fuse to keep water out. Best Quality and a must use for under hood applications common in today's vehicles!
Qty: Price: $5.99

ATC Maxi Size Fuseholder with 8 ga wire and waterproof cap, includes 50 amp fuse
Qty: Price: $9.99

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