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Ritron JBS BAse Station

This Mini Base Station fits just about anywhere with Excellent range!

JBS146/446D Series

  • 10 Channel Operation
  • Two Watts Transmitter Power
  • 1-2 miles of Range (line of sight)
  • Integrated Electret Microphone
  • High Audio Output Speaker
  • External Antenna Connector
  • Runs on 110 VAC or optional 12V
  • Built-in Weather Scan (vhf only)
  • CTCSS/Quiet Call allows screening out of other users on channel
  • VHF or UHF Frequency Band
  • One Year Limited Parts/Labor Warranty
  • Ultra Compact
  • Audio Accessory Connectors
  • Programmable for up to 10 frequencies-No Crystals!
  • Ideal for Multi-Story Buildings
  • For Warehouses up to 250,000 sq ft.

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Qty: Price: $339.00

In Stock For Immediate Shipping!

AFB-1545 Replacement Flex Antenna

Qty: Price: $25.00

CCL-M 12 Volt DC Cigarette Lighter Cord

Qty: Price: $19.00

JBS-MMK Wall or Mobile Mounting Bracket
Qty: Price: $9.00

RM-7K Microphone with hang-up bracket
Qty: Price: $29.00

RSM-3XA Remote speaker Microphone
Qty: Price: $58.00

RHD-5X Low Profile Headset/boom mike
Qty: Price: $57.00

REP-2 Earphone
Qty: Price: $12.00

RSP-5 External 5 watt speaker
Qty: Price: $46.00

The Jobcom series of Low-Cost Two Way Radios give you the ability to communicate with co-workers up to 3 miles away.
Save wasted manhours by eliminating the need to shout or run messages back and forth across a job site.  Respond to customer requests instantly.
Enhance workplace security. Stay in constant touch with co-workers; no more idle time waiting for a return phone call.

JOBCOM two-way radios can increase productivity in a variety of different industries:

Contractors and Construction


Property Management and Building Maintenance


Retail Operations


Warehouse Operations

Sound and Security

Nursery and Landscaping

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