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New From Ritron!

The LoudMouth!


The newest addition to the Ritron Product Line!

Used in conjunction with a base station or portable radio this allows you to remotely mount a PA speaker horn with the attached wireless receiver!


Use it to call people in from a golf course, to page employees in remote buildings, use with existing radio systems to provide LOUD audio in a garage etc.

ALL without expensive wiring, trenching, etc!

Installs Virtually Anywhere!

Improves Communication, Safety/Security and Productivity

Easy �Add-On� to Existing Radio Systems

Accessible from Long Range, up to 2+ mile range

Loud, PA Horn Speaker �95dB SPL@ 50 ft.

PC and Field Programmable

Can be configured for Multiple Zones

110VAC Operation (power supply included)

Rechargeable Back-up Battery(included)



Need to get the message out LOUD and CLEAR?

No Trenching, No Extensive Wiring!

FCC License Free VHF model!



Now in stock for immediate shipment!

Great for marinas, warehouses, golf courses, driving ranges, garage environments, emergency notifications,
and the list goes on!



LoudMouth Wireless PA System-License Free
Qty: Price: $639.00

Unit requires base station as minimum to operate.
Also works with any portable radio on same frequency band.


Full specification sheet available here in PDF format.

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